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Benefits Of A Small Kitchen

I know what you are all thinking as soon as you see the title. Am I crazy? Did I mean to put that? Well I can tell you right now there are benefits to having a small kitchen. When you have one it might not feel like there’s any good in it but there is.


Small kitchens are extremely convenient in many different ways. First of all, everything is in a close proximity of each other. For example the stove is near the sink and the fridge and all the cupboards. You don’t have to move around a lot to get everything that you need to cook your meal. Effective and convenient right? Still not convinced? Well it also takes up less room in your house, meaning that you get more room for the living room, downstairs toilet or dining room. All you need the kitchen for is cleaning and cooking, if you have enough room to do that then you’re fine, at least you have more room for chilling out right? If anything you can use it as an excuse not to help with the dishes after!

Enough Room for 1!

Now, we have all heard the saying “Too many chefs in the kitchen spoils the broth” and we have all witnessed it with our own eyes. Too many people shouting over each other and it is rather hectic to say the least. Well if you only have enough space for one chef then it is impossible for those back seat chefs to start ruining the broth. Unless there really persistent that is. In that case you need to find new friends…

Less To Clean

Everyone hates cleaning, some people more than others, but nobody loves it that’s for certain. Well here’s a nice little thing that everyone over looks about small kitchens. If there is less kitchen then there is less kitchen to clean. Let’s be honest the kitchen is a room that gets cleaned the most. So if that room so happens to be smaller than usual then you won’t have to do as much cleaning.