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Let There Be Natural Light In Your Kitchen

Natural lighting is incomparable. You can’t beat nature and that also applies to its lighting. Why cook in a dreadful, artificially lit kitchen when you can open up the blinds and let some natural light do the job. Everyone loves sunlight so why hide it away. Scenery Whether you’re cleaning the dishes or preparing a…

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What Makes A Great Kitchen?

I guess a great kitchen would all depend on preference therefore the things that make a good kitchen will also all be down to preference. With that being said we will still discuss what we think makes a good kitchen so good. From the features to design and layout.   Organisation First of all every…

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Kitchen Design Inspiration

Everyone looks for inspiration before any project. Especially a project as big as a kitchen renovation. I’ll show you where the best places are to get great advice, inspiration and ideas so that you can create your dream kitchen. Pinterest Pinterest is usually the go to place for inspiration. You can save pictures to your…

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Benefits Of A Small Kitchen

I know what you are all thinking as soon as you see the title. Am I crazy? Did I mean to put that? Well I can tell you right now there are benefits to having a small kitchen. When you have one it might not feel like there’s any good in it but there is….

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Kitchen Care Made Easy

Everyone finds it hard to keep the kitchen organised and under control. After all that is where all the action normally is. From cooking, eating and even socialising, the kitchen is always a go to place for everyone. Which is why we find it hard to keep it clean, tidy and organised. However, we have…

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Blue Monday

Yes, technically it will still be classed as blue Monday no matter what you do. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be dragged down with the blues! There’s always something to keep your mind busy over this dreaded day! It doesn’t have to cost you much and you will be occupied for the…

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Treat Yourself To A New Kitchen For The New Year

The kitchen is a very central location in the house. What I mean by that is everyone is constantly in it. Cooking, eating or just simply browsing the fridge for a quick snack (it can take a while, trust me). If you have a busy household you will agree that the kitchen gets battered. So…

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Squeeze More Out Of A Small Kitchen

Here in England not any of us get the pleasure of a lot of space. That of course includes the kitchen. Or, maybe you have a huge kitchen but it’s still cluttered. Either way these tips will help you make the most out of the space you have, small kitchen or big kitchen. Above The…

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Let Christmas Into Your Kitchen

Little Nick Nacks If your Kitchen doesn’t have small Christmas related ornaments then your it most certainly isn’t festive enough. A small soft Santa Claus on the side. Little reindeer ornaments across the window sill. These small things for me are the most crucial kitchen decorations. It’s not right in your face (I don’t like…


December, The Best Time For Cleaning

Okay so I know there’s never really a good time for cleaning. I hate it too! However, if there ever was one I must say I enjoy it the most (or dislike it the least) in December, and here’s why. Christmas Songs Its December which means it’s finally okay to listen to Christmas songs. Not…