granite countertop kitchen

Quartz Or Granite Countertop?

Quartz or granite? Whats the difference? Which on is better? Both have beautiful finishes and both belong in a modern house. When it comes down to the details there isn’t too much standing in the way of the two of them. Lets break down there differences to see which counter top will be perfect for…

the tap that you can win in the competition

Competition To Win Kitchen Tap

Now we all know that kitchen taps are an essential part of the kitchen because they are one of the features that gets used the most. Which is why Home style Magazine has teamed up with KitchenSync to give away a pull out mono mixer tap. How To Enter The Competition I will cut straight…

undermounted kitchen sink

Undermounted Sinks

Undermounted I’m not over exaggerating when I say you cant have any other sink with granite worktops. Seriously. Undermounted sinks and granite worktops go together like bread and butter. You cannot have one without the other. It’s just wrong. And if you want one for relatively cheap then Kitchen Sync is where you want to…

interest free credit

Interest Free Credit

Bad At Saving? Use Interest Free Credit This is just a quick post to help out all those bad savers out there. But this isn’t just for any bad saver. It’s for those who also want to upgrade their kitchen. This is because KitchenSync have just introduced interest free credit on orders over £250. So…

2 seamless sinks

Seamless Sinks

Modern Look Seamless sinks fit well with a modern, minimalist kitchen design. Merging the sink, worktop and draining board together into one surface that looks clean and organised. Advances in manufacturing technology mean that composite materials can now be successfully moulded to any shape to create a seamless worktop. Because they’re a new design, don’t…

recharge phone

Recharge Easy In Your Kitchen

Corian Charging Surface You can recharge your phone battery easily with the charging surface. Well that is if you’re in the kitchen. The amount of times that I’ve place my phone died not realising it’s going to die and it does. Or the amount of times my phones dying but my charger is upstairs and…

Wooden Worktop

The Right Kitchen Worktop For You

Two Main Contenders When it comes to worktops there’s only two different materials that really stand out and are nice. Those of course are wood and granite. Both of them deliver different styles to your kitchen. Granite being more sleek and modern. Wooden is more of a country home style. Granite Granite is a very…


Flooring Ideas For Your Kitchen

Tiles This is a normal design. And within itself raises probably more questions. There’s that many options to choose from when it comes to tiles that its a bit vague to just say choose tiles as a design. But don’t worry that’s not what I was planning on doing. I’m going to show 3 different…

tap designs

Taps, Simple or Contemporary?

Traditional and Simple Tap Designs Not many people like the look of contemporary taps. I guess that can be understandable because some of them do have crazy designs. Although I do enjoy the style of contemporary designs, simple, traditional taps can be just as nice if you find the right one. Not only that but…

ceramic sink

Kitchen Sink Designs

3 Great Sink Designs Not many people think about the design of the sink. However it can really add to the design of the kitchen. Whether its the material, shape, size or even patterns on the sink. The sink can add to the design of the kitchen. Stainless Steel These are fitted to most kitchens….