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It Doesn’t Have To Be Blue Monday

Yes, technically it will still be classed as blue Monday no matter what you do. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be dragged down with the blues! There’s always something to keep your mind busy over this dreaded day! It doesn’t have to cost you much and you will be occupied for the day ahead!v Here is a couple of ideas that can keep you occupied through this dark day.

Tune In To a New TV Show

Binge watching TV programmes has become the new trend, and boy is it a fun one. Whether it’s Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or Dexter. TV programmes are now becoming ever so popular. And thanks to businesses such as Sky and Netflix you get to watch box sets after box sets of the stuff. Trust me when I say, this is the best way to wait out blue Monday and it will most definitely be what I’m doing. As there is so many episodes to watch this one thing will be able to take your mind of blue Monday for the full day. The only worry is that you may then become addicted and it will start eating into every day. Still worth it for me…


Now if you don’t fancy getting addicted to TV shows because you don’t fancy giving up that much time (P.s however long you think it will take, triple it.) then how about just a good old dance, sing along or just listen ton some music. It can lighten up the moods of everyone within the house. This is an old school trick but it’s tried, tested and approved. I mean it is better in summer but, playing music may just give you the summer feeling, hopefully.


Myself, I do not agree with it. I hate cleaning. However I know this will most definitely appeal to some people. So, for the people who thought that the above solutions are too unproductive then try this one. That way you’re mind is busy and by the end of it all you feel accomplished and you have a nice tidy house to happy about. You could even mix this one with one of the other 2. Try ironing the clothes whilst watching a box set. Hoover and polish the house whilst listening to music. Either way your house is getting cleaned and you will still be keeping you mind busy.

Blue Monday? What Blue Monday?