clean kitchen counter

Kitchen Care Made Easy

Everyone finds it hard to keep the kitchen organised and under control. After all that is where all the action normally is. From cooking, eating and even socialising, the kitchen is always a go to place for everyone. Which is why we find it hard to keep it clean, tidy and organised. However, we have a few tips that will help you get your kitchen under control and stop the problems from mounting up more.

Clean As You Go

I have mentioned this tip in another post before and I’m repeating it here because it really does work. This may seem like an easy tip but if you stop and think about it it’s not. Many of us leave dirty pots to clean them later because we can’t be bothered cleaning them in that moment. However, we have all left pots long enough for them to accumulate to a miniature mountain. Which just puts us off doing the pots more because there is loads to do. If you simply just cleaned them as soon as they were dirty then you wouldn’t allow the mess to get out of control. You kitchen will always look tidy and you will always have more motivation to clean up the small mess than the big mess.

Get Everyone Involved

Most households have a designated kitchen chef and cleaner. Well not anymore, get everyone else to clean up after themselves. It’s not like your asking for a lot is it? Not only does this help you out and keep the kitchen tidy but it also prevents your kids from getting lazy and messy. If they don’t have cleaning in their routine then they will keep these dirty habits and it will be harder to change them. You cant teach an old dog new tricks right?

Give Yourself A Break

I know this seems very impractical but it will prove effective. If you find yourself cleaning constantly then you will eventually get fed up and give up. Or you will start cutting corners to save time. This is not a good way to keep the kitchen clean and organised. So if you take a break every now and then you will find yourself cleaning more effectively. Plus just because you’ve had a break doesn’t mean the kitchen doesn’t have to stop being cleaned. Get someone else in the house to have a thorough clean whilst you have a break that day.