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Kitchen Design Inspiration

Everyone looks for inspiration before any project. Especially a project as big as a kitchen renovation. I’ll show you where the best places are to get great advice, inspiration and ideas so that you can create your dream kitchen.


Pinterest is usually the go to place for inspiration. You can save pictures to your boards what other people have posted. You could create one mood board with every feature you want in your kitchen. Or you could create a mood board for every single feature showing different variations so that later on you can narrow it down. How you use pinterest is up to you and your preference but it gives you a lot of freedom and options to choose from that no one can deny is brilliant.


Now, houzz may be unfamiliar to many of you but let me tell you that it is perfect for getting ideas for a kitchen renovation or similar project. Not only can you look around for pictures and save them in your idea book. You can also search kitchen retailers, interior designers and kitchen fitters and look at their projects and idea books. This would give you a lot more ideas because not only does it show you the products but you could also find professionals who could give you advice too. Not just that but you could work on a project with a kitchen fitter or retailer and you would both create the dream kitchen together which would also be put on houzz.

Blogs and Websites

This is a longer process and it is more tedious if you don’t know exactly who you want to look at. However, you can go on retailers websites and look at their room sets for inspiration. Same with blogs, such as this, they will usually talk about top products and designs which you could note down for further reference. Either way as you can see there are many different ways you can go about researching. You can pretty much get inspiration anywhere on the internet. Just make sure you have a clear idea of what you want before jumping into a big renovation project such as a full kitchen.