sun rise

Let There Be Natural Light In Your Kitchen

Natural lighting is incomparable. You can’t beat nature and that also applies to its lighting. Why cook in a dreadful, artificially lit kitchen when you can open up the blinds and let some natural light do the job. Everyone loves sunlight so why hide it away.


Whether you’re cleaning the dishes or preparing a meal it’s always nice to look outside and admire the view. It sure beats just looking down at a kitchen counter top the whole time that’s for sure. However, be careful when cooking, don’t get distracted and look where you’re cutting. Your garden doesn’t have to be amazing for your spirits to be lifted all you need is a bit of sunlight and to enjoy the greenery. Bring the outdoors in, it’s a saying I truly standby.

British Weather

We live in Britain and we don’t get the best of weather I think it’s fair to say. Weather near me will be worse as I live up north however Britain as a whole doesn’t have the best weather, especially in winter. But now that winter is behind us and days are getting bright make sure you take advantage of that beautiful light that we are starting to see. You never know how long the sun is going to stay out in the UK so make the most of it.

Crack Open Some Windows

Swing the back door open alongside the windows and let the fresh air fill your kitchen. I know some of you will want to keep the cooking smell stay inside because it smells delicious. However, sometimes it can get stuffy, especially if you’re the one cooking and for me it gets very demotivating. Plus if you get the smell of the outdoors it makes the kitchen smell fresh, now having a fresh smelling kitchen is always a good thing.