a design that we predict will be a kitchen trend in 2017

Kitchen Trend Predictions 2017

I love to think about what designs there will be in the future. No matter whether the future is within this year or in a couple of years. To me, the fact that you will never know what will be the next big design. Which is why I’ve decided to talk about what I think will be a trending design in kitchens this year.

White and Grey

To start with we will go with the colour scheme. It seems that many bathrooms that recently get renovated will opt for a white and grey bathroom. This modern colour scheme is becoming increasingly popular and I don’t think that it will be stopping anytime soon either. And quite frankly,I don’t want it too because I love this colour scheme. I love traditional, especially if you have a family but a modern design looks amazing in any kitchen and I would encourage it for any young adult. Usually white cabinets and grey tiled floors, this modern colour scheme fits in well with the minimalist style that modern designs usually signify.


When I imagine modern kitchens I will always have white gloss cabinets in mind. All the modern kitchens that I’ve seen in person have always had this feature. Again it makes the kitchen seem minimalist and hygienic which is exactly what you want a kitchen to feel and look like. However, you will need to be a good cleaner to pull this off. The design of the kitchen is minimalist therefore there cant be clutter all around, not just that but gloss can show marks easy therefore you have to make sure the csabinets are poliished. Hey, I’m just guessing this is what will be trending, not my fault if it’s high maintenance.


When I said the other colour in the design was grey, I can see it being mainly in slate materials. This could either be in a feature wall where they are all stacked up, Which FYI I absolutely love! But I think slate will definitely be seen on the floor as tiles. This with the gloss white cabinets really helps create a modern kitchen design which I can sense is becoming more popular in interior design. Remember though, I’m not a stylist, I’m just a blogger that loves kitchens. Tell me what you think the next kitchen trend will be.