A pan on a hob cooking food

What Makes A Great Kitchen?

I guess a great kitchen would all depend on preference therefore the things that make a good kitchen will also all be down to preference. With that being said we will still discuss what we think makes a good kitchen so good. From the features to design and layout.



First of all every kitchen has to be clean and organised before it can ever be called a good kitchen. No matter how modern, expensive or big a kitchen is, if its filled with clutter then it’s still just a dirty kitchen. Not just the look of it but it is enough to put anyone off eating anything that is made in the kitchen. Stay on top of the cleaning and organising then you are on your way to having a nice kitchen, we think this one will be agreed by everyone.



A good kitchen needs to have kitchen appliances that are fast. Whether it’s the kettle or the oven nobody like waiting around for too long. This doesn’t mean that you need to get a high tech modern oven because it will look stupid if you have a traditional kitchen. However, you can get Victorian style ovens that aren’t actually old technology so they can cook things faster.


The right size

Se it’s not all about having the biggest kitchen because if you live alone it will feel empty. However, if there’s a lot of people living there, but you have a small kitchen it will be too cramped. This doesn’t just mean the people in it. There will also be more cutlery etc which will fill the cupboards and fill the storage to the brim. You need to get the right size for what you need. In fact having a kitchen a tiny bit bigger than you need would be more ideal as you are then prepared for guests as well.



As stated before this is all down to preference so I wont say that one style is the best. However, when you’re renovating your kitchen make sure you’re choosing the style that you love. This will be the style of the kitchen for a while. Not just that but make sure it fits in with the rest of your house. You can’t have a modern interior then a traditional kitchen, it would look strange and wouldn’t make sense.