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Kitchen Design Inspiration

Everyone looks for inspiration before any project. Especially a project as big as a kitchen renovation. I’ll show you where the best places are to get great advice, inspiration and ideas so that you can create your dream kitchen. Pinterest Pinterest is usually the go to place for inspiration. You can save pictures to your…

chicken biryani

Chicken Biryani Recipe

Chicken Biryani is a great easy dish to cook up for the family in 40 minutes. This dish will fill your bellies and satisfy your taste buds and anyone can make it. This can be stored and served up a few days later too so if you want to make your work meals ahead of…

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Benefits Of A Small Kitchen

I know what you are all thinking as soon as you see the title. Am I crazy? Did I mean to put that? Well I can tell you right now there are benefits to having a small kitchen. When you have one it might not feel like there’s any good in it but there is….

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Kitchen Care Made Easy

Everyone finds it hard to keep the kitchen organised and under control. After all that is where all the action normally is. From cooking, eating and even socialising, the kitchen is always a go to place for everyone. Which is why we find it hard to keep it clean, tidy and organised. However, we have…

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Competition To Win Kitchen Tap

Now we all know that kitchen taps are an essential part of the kitchen because they are one of the features that gets used the most. Which is why Home style Magazine has teamed up with KitchenSync to give away a pull out mono mixer tap. How To Enter The Competition I will cut straight…

a design that we predict will be a kitchen trend in 2017

Kitchen Trend Predictions 2017

I love to think about what designs there will be in the future. No matter whether the future is within this year or in a couple of years. To me, the fact that you will never know what will be the next big design. Which is why I’ve decided to talk about what I think…


Colourful Macrons Recipe

Now everyone seems to love macrons. However if you to buy them you will find yourself spending a lot. Especially considering how much desert you actually get for your money. Not a lot at all. Which is why I decided to show you guys how to make them yourselves. This way you get to enjoy…

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Blue Monday

Yes, technically it will still be classed as blue Monday no matter what you do. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be dragged down with the blues! There’s always something to keep your mind busy over this dreaded day! It doesn’t have to cost you much and you will be occupied for the…

strawberry and raspberry pie

Strawberry and Raspberry Pie Recipe

See I’m one of the few that prefer to have cherry or strawberry in my pies. That’s right, I’m not the biggest fan on apple pie or crumble. So if I’m eating your apple crumble, it must be good. Either way, I know I’m not the only one out there so here is a gorgeous…