granite countertop kitchen

Quartz Or Granite Countertop?

Quartz or granite? Whats the difference? Which on is better? Both have beautiful finishes and both belong in a modern house. When it comes down to the details there isn’t too much standing in the way of the two of them. Lets break down there differences to see which counter top will be perfect for you and your kitchens needs.



If you want to go for a more natural, earthy look than granite is the winner for sure. It is actually cut from large pieces of rock from the ground and cut into slabs. Whereas quartz counter tops are made from crushed quartz and resin. So whether you want to go for a natural look or a manufactured look you will see that quartz and granite differentiate and the choice has been made easy for you.



Granite did used to be the most expensive and still technically is. You can get granite for a similar price as quartz now, however depending on the thickness and colour you could potentially be paying a lot more. Because granite is natural, each slap is different and so although it may be more expensive, your counter top will be unique to your kitchen only. Both of these materials are more expensive than most counter tops therefore you must have a slightly bigger budget for whichever one you pick. However, both are also very sturdy and will last you decades if you treat them right and so they are well worth the money.



This is completely up to preference. They are both beautiful counter tops and you shouldn’t let other people opinions change your opinion. If you like the natural look of granite then opt for that. If the sleek, uniform look of the quartz is more your style then you should go for that instead. Whichever one you choose you won’t be disappointed with it.